Wake Up and Smell the Green Coffee

Why it's time for a new morning beverage.

Marquis was born out of a passion for Organic ingredients and nothing has changed since! We still get out of bed each morning excited by the task at hand, taking the best ingredients planet Earth has to offer and squeezing them into every can. 

But, while we live and breathe our ingredients, we realize you don’t. So, we wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain and explain a little bit about each amazing element that makes up our drinks. What better one to start with than the humble green coffee bean? Spoiler, it’s not that humble!


Grown across the globe, coffee beans are individually hand-picked and left to dry in the sun before an important decision seals their fate. Most, destined for coffee shops and cafès, are roasted— turning from green to brown under the heat. However, some are not. And these are the ones we’re interested in. The reason is simple, although admittedly, it does have a complicated name- chlorogenic acid.

While it might sound like something a comic hero falls into before acquiring superpowers, we promise it’s exclusively the work of Mother Nature. Naturally occurring in coffee beans at a far higher concentration than any other plant, this substance packs a health-enhancing punch. 

As an antioxidant, it supports liver, heart, and brain function exhibits an anti-diabetic effect, and actively fights against the formation of cancer cells. It has also been scientifically proven to help assist with weight-loss and keep blood pressure low. Less of a punch, more of a beneficial body slam, really! 

A double body slam in fact, because we haven’t even mentioned the caffeine. According to America’s top nutritionists, the caffeine in coffee beans is good for you. Really good for you. Without the added sugar, flavorings, and whipped cream wizardry of high-end coffee shops, consuming coffee significantly reduces your risk of heart disease and strokes. In addition, its stimulation of the brain improves cognitive health; and while this hasn’t been confirmed by scientists, we think drinking it is much easier than Sudoku!  

But what’s so good about Marquis you ask? Why shouldn’t I just drink black coffee? The answer lies in the decision we mentioned earlier. While our beverages benefit from the natural power of unprocessed organic green coffee beans, your whatever-a-ccino doesn’t. During the roasting process of the beans to be used in coffee, the heat breaks down the chlorogenic acid into synthetic acids that don’t possess the natural health and wellness qualities of our super-star ingredient.

That’s why we suggest you pick up a can of Marquis instead of a coffee—because we never roast our beans. As always, we try and strip things back to their natural, simple state. Just the best organic ingredients, squeezed into a can. That’s it. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your first ice-cold sip of refreshing amazingness today! 

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