The New Green Standard

Why we choose Organic (and you should too).

People sometimes ask us why we’re so determined to make sure our drinks are organic but, for us, it’s more a question of why everyone else isn’t?

While the legal threshold our ingredients have to pass is quite complex, the way we think about organic is not. It simply means doing things in the most natural way possible. That’s why, when our signature ingredients are grown – from the green coffee and tea plants, to the yerba mate and stevia – no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used on them. Period. 

Instead, we use natural, time-tested products to help them grow: like compost as an alternative to the sewage that most mass producers use. Seriously. Plus, if we’ve got a pest problem, we certainly don’t use synthetic pesticides. Maybe we’re being over-cautious but, we don’t believe poison and your favorite drink should ever mix. Rather, we use – you guessed it – natural methods like traps or birds to control pest populations. And, to combat bacteria-sized pests, we opt for techniques like boiling or freezing over the radiation treatment other drink makers use. Again, seriously! Most people don’t realize that a lot of their food and drink have been covered in sewage, sprayed with poison, and then X-rayed before it reaches their table. Not Marquis. Everything in our cans has simply been grown, harvested and canned. We don’t like to overcomplicate things. 

Our farmers approach weeds in a similar manner; hand weeding, rotating crops and properly managing their fields. Humans were farming for thousands of years before we had synthetic chemicals to help us and, if we’ve got anything to do with it, they’ll be doing so for thousands of years to come! 

Our strict rules guarantee every can of Marquis contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and is 100% free from genetically modified crops. But that’s not all, ingredients farmed in this way not only contain less of the bad stuff, but, they also contain more of the good! In fact, organic plants contain more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and micronutrients than their ‘normal’ counterparts. Combine that with the fact that all of our ingredients have been chosen because of their nutritional density in the first place, and it becomes clear why drinking Marquis gives you such a beneficial boost! 

If you still aren’t convinced, there’s one other major reason Marquis backs organic, and that’s the planet. Instead of chemically spraying this planet we call home, we work with it, using soil management practices that capture vastly more carbon from the atmosphere. And, while we know that soil management sounds dull, it’s worth noting this:

If every food and beverage company managed their soil as our farmers do, we would capture all of the CO2 the human race emits each year. Yeah, that’s right, mic drop for soil management!

And, considering all the benefits to your health and the planet, we’d say it’s a mic drop for everything organic as well. So, next time you're drinking Marquis and someone asks why you choose organic, ask them why they don't.

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