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By Matthew Pineda November 20, 2020

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Yerba Mate, a plant species native to South America, continues to increase in popularity across the United States in everything from grocery stores to online shops. More and more people are turning to Yerba Mate for their energy kick, but why? Well, swapping your daily cup of joe for this energy powerhouse could be one of the best steps towards improving your health. 

Yerba maté tea is touted for the health benefits it provides. Drinking yerba mate tea is believed to have a positive effect on your body’s immune system and contains vitamin C, vitamin B, antioxidants, and more. Yerba mate comes in different forms, from loose leaf tea bags to bottled drinks. Keep reading for more yerba mate health benefits.

What is Yerba Mate 

What is Yerba Mate? Traditional Yerba Mate is known as the “drink of the gods” for a good reason; this particular tea is made explicitly from Ilex paraguariensis, a plant found in the dense South American Atlantic forests. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, it’s obvious why it’s so widely celebrated!

Yerba Mate tea leaves are typically harvested from communities in Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. The cultivators, known as yerbateros (in Spanish) or ervateiros (in Brazilian Portuguese), harvest the mate leaves and stems after the plants have turned dark purple. The harvest occurs mostly from January to April. 

Yerba Mate tea has high levels of tannins, offering a similar taste to black tea. But, similar to green tea, the antioxidants in Yerba Mate support the mind, body, and soul connection. 

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Health Benefits of Yerba Mate

This celebrated tea supports your immune system, gut health and contains a wide variety of minerals to sustain your day. Specifically, it has: 

  • 15 different amino acids
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Antioxidants

These minerals’ apparent benefits range from supporting the body in fighting off infections to dilating your blood vessels for healthy blood circulation while defending the liver against fats. 

Yerba Mate has many nutrients and antioxidants to help aid the body. If you’re wondering what antioxidants are- they are natural substances, commonly found in fruits and veggies, that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage. Some of the most common include vitamins C and E, selenium, and carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Although it seems like a lot, these nutrients contain many health benefits. 

A little known fact is yerba mate has more nutrients than green tea! Here are some of the most celebrated benefits: 

  • Xanthines: a naturally occurring caffeine stimulant 
  • Caffeoyl derivatives: antioxidants that fuel the body 
  • Saponins: compounds with anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties
  • Polyphenols: another group of antioxidants that can reduce disease by stimulating the immune system

Due to its impressive list of vitamins and minerals, Yerba Mate and infused drinks possess remarkable health benefits that also include the following: 

More Energy 

This tea provides all of the energy you need, without the caffeine jitters and crash you get from most sports drinks and coffee. Due to the xanthine’s natural stimulate known as theobromine, the properties of Yerba Mate give your body a steady dose of energy all day long. 

Great Night Sleep

The natural stimulants found in Yerba Mate give you a boost during the day, but not the post-coffee anxiety at night. Rest assured, your fatigue will diminish, and you can get a good night’s sleep. 

Mental Focus

Yerba Mate is a natural and straightforward caffeine source pumped with all the antioxidants you need to focus on throughout the day. The caffeine in this tea can also affect the levels of certain signaling molecules in your brain, making it particularly beneficial for your mental focus.

The naturally stimulating properties fuel you with what you need to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. When you fuel yourself the correct way, you are setting your day up for success! 

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that Yerba Mate tea speeds up metabolism, increases fat usage during exercise, and ultimately enhances athletic performance. Does it get any better than increasing your athletic ability and aiding your weight loss?!

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Yerba Mate Side Effects?

Yerba Mate does not pose any health concerns if consumed in average amounts. However, it does contain caffeine .As with any other caffeinated beverage, caffeine content can have a negative effect when not consumed in normal amounts. Caffeine risks can include anxiety, irregular heartbeats, or slow blood circulation. You should always discuss what’s best for you with your doctor. 

Why Yerba Mate

We recommend Yerba Mate consumption because of its natural, plant-powered properties, unlike some other types of caffeine. The tea has been used throughout history to get long-lasting energy, which is why we use it here at Marquis. By blending our yerba mate with green coffee and green tea, Marquis beats out any other drinks on the market. Marquis’s one of a kind blend offers many benefits whether you’re consuming in the morning, afternoon, or night. 


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health just to get a little lift; with Marquis, we are plant-powered, anti-crash approved, and offer a delicious flavor pack with natural nourishment for all your needs. 

  • USDA Organic 
  • Sugar-free 
  • Calorie-free
  • Carb-free 
  • Certified Vegan 
  • Certified non-GMO 
  • Gluten-free 

Here’s one of our favorite cocktail recipes for Marquis and a great night! 



  • 2 parts Gin 
  • 4 parts Super Berry 
  • Squeeze of lime 

Serve on the rocks and enjoy!


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