National Caffeine Awareness Month 2022

By Darkroom Agency March 01, 2022

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It’s remarkable to think that a few small plants have evolved to produce a chemical that has addicted the vast majority of the human species for millennia. Nations have risen and fallen, our daily lives have transformed immeasurably, and thousands of years have passed, yet humanity’s fixation with caffeine has remained remarkably consistent. From the salty tea Genghis Khan and his warriors drank to prepare for battle, the coffee Napoleon guzzled as he redrew the map of Europe, to the energy drinks modern-day conquerors like Lebron James sip before they compete; caffeine is king. In many cases literally, with some historians crediting higher consumption of the stimulant as a key driving force behind kingdoms such as the ancient Ottoman Empire and modern-day America.

And yet, for a chemical we consume so readily, many of us know remarkably little about it. Well, that changes today. To celebrate Caffeine Awareness Month, we’ve created a one-stop caffeine cheat sheet! Let’s goooooo:

Can I Drink Too Much?

Caffeine is a psychoactive substance but, bizarrely, drinks that contain caffeine are not required to tell you how much is in them. And, even those that do, often sneakily underestimate the amount listed on the can by up to 20%!

The FDA recommends no more than 400mg of caffeine per day, which is about the same as 4 cups of coffee. Little did they know when providing the recommended daily dose, consumers would then have to tread with caution when heading to the energy drink aisle to pick up their favorite caffeine drink. It is there you can find a single can of Bang Energy Drink containing 300mg. Surely, the FDA didn't expect a drink could contain 75% of your daily allotment in one serving! But, it's crazy to say, it does exist. 

A thing to consider, is caffeine is almost unavoidable at times. When it's in our sodas and found in chocolate, you begin to realize how easy it is to consume and in a short amount of time.

That's why Marquis  contains a carefully calibrated, responsible amount of caffeine at only 100mg. It's designed so you could drink multiples throughout the day, but also allow your body to metabolize the caffeine in moderation, avoiding overconsumption altogether. It's enough to give you that familiar boost, but not enough to cause that all-too familiar crash.


Marquis yerba mate energy drink comparison chart

What Should I Drink?

While caffeine is behind the energy boost in tea, coffee, soda, and energy drinks, we all know that consuming these beverages feels very different. While the amount of caffeine is important, the other reason behind this is the other chemicals found in each drink. Why? Because, like all chemicals, caffeine doesn’t act on our bodies alone.

When we drink tea, for example, the antioxidant L-theanine calms the brain and reduces the jittery effect we associate with coffee. On the other end of the spectrum, energy drinks make us crash even harder as the high levels of sugar and sweeteners add an insulin-induced sugar crash to the mix. This spikes the levels of insulin in your blood and the adenosine in your brain; making you feel tired and grumpy. It’s a high price to pay for an hour of jittery productivity.

That’s why we refuse to use any sugar and artificial flavorings, and why we pack our cans full of essential vitamins and minerals. Caffeine paired with the right ingredients is a beautiful thing indeed, and Marquis is designed to give you all the benefits of caffeine, a few added perks, and none of the side effects.


Does Quality Matter?

Erm, yes. A lot!

There are tons of scientific studies that show natural caffeine is better than the artificial alternative; however, we think it’s pretty obvious that filling our cans with ingredients we’ve grown, not made in a lab, is better for our bodies, our minds and our planet. So, we won’t bore you with the details; just reassure you that our caffeine is organic, non-GMO and totally natural.


Is Caffeine Good For Me?

One of life’s most annoying truths is that most things we enjoy, like chocolate and booze, are bad for us. However, the best thing about caffeine is that it's enjoyable and also healthy! It’s like kale, but actually nice!

Despite making us feel great, a responsible amount of caffeine consumption is associated with better heart health, a lower risk of Alzheimer’s, a reduction in some cancers and a lower rate of type 2 diabetes. Not bad for a chemical that evolved to help bees concentrate so they could find their way back to the tea plant, right!

Plus, in addition to high-quality caffeine that delivers all of the above benefits, we also add extra vitamins and antioxidants to Marquis so you can give your health an even bigger boost. In fact, each can of Marquis contains more vitamin C than an orange!


Caffeine Conclusion

Marquis yerba mate energy drink with Fruits

Here at Marquis, we really do believe that caffeine is amazing gift from Mother Earth that, when consumed smartly and naturally, can truly enhance our lives. However, most canned and bottled drinks simply do not deliver this experience. That’s why we started Marquis, and it’s a belief that still guides what we do each day.

National Caffeine Awareness Month is a great opportunity for us all to reassess the way we consume caffeine, and intentionally build a better relationship with it. While that will probably mean cutting back on strong coffee and sodas, we prefer to view this as the beginning of something new, rather than the end of anything. Today can be the start of your journey towards embracing healthier and more balanced daily rituals like Marquis. Combined with other small changes, like smart hydration and regular exercise (both of which Marquis helps you with), this really could be the first small step towards something big.

While we know we’re a small company in comparison other ‘Big Beverages’, and we’ll never be able to compete in terms of advertising spend or shelf space, we know we have a product that is better. Better for those who drink it, and better for the planet. And we have faith that eventually, and against all odds, better usually wins.

And, there goes the school bell. Lesson over!

To understand the Marquis difference at a glance, you can compare our drinks to others can-to-can in the table below. And, for more (hopefully) interesting deep dives, head over to our blog.

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