About Marquis

Why We Created Marquis?

Our story was inspired in between a boardroom and a night club. For years, chemicals from conventional energy drinks were wreaking havoc on our minds and bodies. Coffee in the morning, energy drink after lunch, and vodka-energy cocktail at night, that was our routine. A change was needed, but we were hooked. We needed a healthy beverage with a responsible amount of caffeine that actually tasted great (both on its own and in a cocktail). This is where we ran into a problem… there was no drink on the market that met all three of our needs. Anything that tasted good had sugar, and anything that didn’t have sugar tasted awful. We were tired of searching, but our hands were tied. A clean label with healthy ingredients wasn’t enough, the drink still had to have great taste. So, instead of waiting for someone to solve our problem, we did it ourselves. After years of research and development, Marquis was born. 10 years later, the solution to our problem has now become our passion.

A Lifestyle In A Can...

Marquis (Mar-KEE) is the healthiest way to fuel your life! Our unique organic tri-blend caffeine is just the right amount to boost your daily routine. Replace the boring cup of coffee, perk-up your work-out, or simply lift your spirits by grabbing all that is inside one little can.

All natural, organic ingredients, essential vitamins, and exotic fruit flavors to awaken your mind, body, and taste buds.

- Chris & Danny