Vegan Grill Recipes for Your Fourth of July BBQ

Most of summer’s great pastimes center around food. From parties with friends, picnics at the beach, and great BBQs with family, it can be hard to navigate these events while maintaining a vegan or organic diet.

To help ensure that the 4th of July is fun and accessible to people with different diets, Marquis has created some tested and loved vegan grill recipes as replacements for traditional barbeque fare.

Vegetable Skewers 

Vegetable skewers are a great and easy way to take simple ingredients and turn them into mouth-watering meals. Our grilled veggie kabobs feature zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, red onions, and bell peppers, as well as a tangy olive oil mix to tie together the flavors of each vegetable.

One reason why we are so in love with this recipe is the space that is left for customization. Not inspired by our produce choices? Feel free to pick your own!

Eggplants, beets, and tomatoes are all summer vegetables that would be great additions to this line-up.

Here’s our recipe, brought to you by our Marquis Staff:


Roasted Sweet Corn 

Grilled corn is a summer barbeque staple and we were excited to put our own spin on a classic!

To ensure that our recipe stayed vegan, we replaced any butter or mayo and opted for olive oil to garnish our roasted corn. If you still want that creamy butter taste, melted vegan butter or vegetable spread would make fine substitutes. Grape seed or avocado oil can also be used as replacements.

Taking inspiration from the elotes that can be found on every Los Angeles street, we used cilantro, lime juice, and chili powder to season our oil mixture. Vegan mayonnaise is even an option for those wanting to get closer to the original.

From the minds of our Marquis staff, we present, our roasted sweet corn recipe:

If you decide to give these delicious meals a try during your summer BBQ, make sure to let us know by tagging @drinkmarquis on Instagram. Need some healthy cocktail ideas to complement your Independence Day meal? We've got you covered with three easy summer cocktail recipes featuring your favorite Marquis flavors.

Want to see more great vegan summer recipes and ideas for summer adventures? We’ll be regularly updating our blog with food, drinks, and ideas for how to keep your summer healthy and exciting.


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