Organic Pool Party

An afternoon with sun, beach balls, Marquis and music. Nothing else is needed, nothing else is required.

Zara Larsson as a musical guest made an outstanding appearance enjoying the crowd and celebrating her new album release.

Our mixes ginger-mango, citrus-lime and super berry were the perfect combinations for refreshing drinks by the pool. Mixes were given out having a 100% of positive feedback from the public. Marquis provided refreshing beverages as well as spreading the word of the brands lifestyle. The concept of Marquis is about a healthy habits and healthy choices. Marquis believes on being responsible for the products sold in terms of health and nutrition. The entire Marquis team stands behind Marquis Organic Energy's product. Each and every single ingredient is well measured and well thought to create healthiest energy drink out in the market.

The younger generations are the ones suffering the consequences of harmful products that sell knowing the repercussions. Ever since 2012 the public has seen the irresponsible sell of conventional energy drinks. With great creations comes great responsibility of knowing it is out there. Give Marquis a try!