More than Just Energy


Marquis a carefully designed brand not only for anyone but also to prevent our future generations of consuming harmful popular products that can lead to health problems and bad experiences. The idea is to implement in our viewers minds, that Marquis change the way you drink, it can also change how you think about energy drinks. As our own can expresses “Give your body the organic energy it craves and refuel with Marquis”.  

Our goal is to expand the brand and change the chemically altered drink in your hand with USDA organic approved, no GMOs, zero cal and zero sugar Marquis can. As the video portrays we want to appeal to people for a variety of reasons from your workout to night life to your day to day activities. This brand is about a lifestyle, Marquis is about a healthy, upbeat, energized life. Take care of your body, surrounding and each other starting by knowing what goes in your body. Remember... The real WEALTH is HEALTH!