Marquis & Drum Sticks

A new workout form has risen up in LA! Its name: Drum Stick Workout or Pound

Loud music, neon sticks, energetic people around you playing sticks while doing hardcore exercises. We all know how hard it is to get into a workout routine that actually gets you excited, or maybe it does get you excited but that excitement lasts around a week or two and then we get board. Yes... we all know that feeling, even you super fit girl. Anyway, it is important to find that workout that is actually getting you involved and making you happy. Even if you get bored after the first classes you are going to go for more than two weeks since it is so terribly fun. It literally feels like when you were eight and grabbed anything you saw in the house and played for hours until is dinner time. That is exactly like drum stick workout feels like.

So get out of bed and try drum stick workout after having two Marquis cause you will need them for your organic energy source!